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Now available for Gen 3 Firebirds!
We are pleased to make available to our customers

the original Aero Tail

This is the wing that was mounted on the only
Pontiac Trans Am to ever win the SCCA Trans Am Championship.
We have reproduced it faithfully with improvements.

See the exhaust tips from the Mecham LSS Silverado and Tahoe as shown at the SEMA show

6" & 7-1/2"
Chromed Aluminum
Exhaust Tips

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Welcome to
Mecham Design, Performance
At MDP we package performance, technology, and design into numbered series limited production cars and trucks. We also offer high style performance parts for customers who wish to personalize their cars and trucks with Mecham designed components as well as equipment we test and source through other quality suppliers.

We can personalize your vehicle through equipment selections, color, and graphic choices. You will benefit from the added value Mecham numbered series creations have enjoyed since the Macho T/A, Z29 Camaro, and L82S Corvette of the late 70's. The early 80's MSE Trans Am followed in this tradition as do the Mecham T/A, GTR Firebird, DuMans Corvette, Z29R Camaro, LSS Tahoe, and LSS Silverado of today.

Among our performance parts you will find our universal Power-Oval chromed / cast aluminum exhaust tips. These tips are a Mecham exclusive and will fit any 3" OD exhaust pipe. We offer a 6" and a 7-1/2" Power-Oval tip that can be used on anything from an import to a GMC Yukon. Check out our exhaust tips under the "parts" section to the right.

Mecham conversions are available for your present or new car / truck. We can obtain a new car / truck for you or you can work through a dealer. Look through the information provided and give us a call if you have any questions or would like to discuss an order.

Mecham Design, Performance
Glendale, Arizona
tel: (602) 740-8265

Exhaust Tips
These Power Oval exhaust tips will fit any 3" OD pipe. They will enhance the look of your import, truck, or high-performance vehicle.
C5 Corvette Parts
The DuMans multi-port Hood, Mecham-WELD forged Wheels, and much more.
Gen4 F-body Parts ( Firebird / Camaro )
Functional Wings for every F-body, Hoods, high-flow Exhaust, Wheels, and more.
3M vinyl graphics or paint masks for cars produced by DKM, Mecham Racing, and Mecham Design, Performance.
The Mecham LSS Tahoe Numbered Series Collector Package as seen at SEMA 2003. See the article about the LSS Tahoe in the current issue of Truckin's SUV.
The Mecham LSS Silverado Numbered Series Collector Package as seen at SEMA 2003.
The first C5 awarded "BEST CORVETTE OF SHOW" in the Super Chevy Series.
Mecham T/A
The limited series classic.
A Camaro with a heritage in 'R'acing.
T/A muscle in a Formula package.
May untamed GTR Firebirds abound.

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