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Introducing a spectacular new automotive canvas from Mecham Design, Performance …

... the 66CR Roadster ...

… a vehicle reminiscent of a 1966 Corvette Convertible with Racing Modifications


66 CR Right Side


One piece fiberglass body

Front axle center moved forward 1” increasing the wheel base to 99”

High design, fully integrated wide fenders

Wheel wells modified for a modern wheel/tire package

Lowered nose with integrated air dam

Adjusted tail with filled lower quarter

Flip headlamps and turn lamp knobs eliminated

Tucked scallops for projection beam headlamps

66 CR Upper Right Side

66 CR Front

Integrated air dam and tucked scallops for projection beam headlamps

66 CR 3/4 Rear

Filled lower quarter

66 CR Dash

Five piece dash


The 66CR Roadster body is NOT designed to be a stressed member

It is pictured above on a modified C4 Corvette chassis for mock up purposes only

Front and rear track widths are standard C4 Corvette

The wheel/tire combinations shown are as follows:

Front: Michelin Pilot Sport 275/40ZR17 tires on 17"x9.5" wheels

Rear: Michelin Pilot Sport 335/35ZR17 tires on 17"x11" wheels

Ground clearance as shown at the front air dam is 5-3/4"


The first series, second pull 66CR Roadster body is available for immediate delivery

Price for body, hood, deck, doors, and dash is $6699.00 USD

Buyer to arrange for crating and shipping from Mesa, Arizona

For sales and information, contact Dennis Mecham at 602-740-8265