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Mecham/WELD EVO forged WHEEL for C5 CORVETTE

Mecham Design, Performance is pleased to offer Mecham/Weld EVO forged aluminum alloy, five-spoke wheel sets to the serious C5 Corvette enthusiast. This wheel combines incredible strength, ease of fitment and stunning design. Other considerations include lower unsprung weight, increased contact area, and a chrome surface. The chrome finish is backed by a five year guarantee from Weld. The wheel structure is backed by a lifetime guarantee to the original owner, again from Weld. These wheels accept OE air pressure sensors and will fit any C5 Corvette without interference.

This wheel set is also offered with the venerable Michelin Pilot Sport V-rated, ultra-performance tire (275/35R18 front, 295/35R18 rear), mounted, balanced and ready for action. Please call (602) 740-8265 to order.

Unsurpassed Aesthetics: Mecham Design, Performance boldly asserts that this is the finest look in a C5 wheel on the market. Dennis Mecham's fluted penta-spoke design, wrapped in lustrous chrome, speaks to the individual interested in refined performance.

Discount Tire: Our friends at Discount Tire now carry our Mecham/Weld penta-spoke wheel for the C5 Corvette. You may contact your local Discount Tire store directly in order to purchase these wheels, along with Discount's fine selection of high performance tires.

Mecham/WELD EVO forged aluminum alloy, five-spoke Wheel sets for C5 CORVETTE
Set of 4 Wheels: Chrome, Two front 18" x 9.5", Two rear 18" x 10.5" $2800.00 Call to Order
Set of 4 Wheels/Tires: w/ Michelin Pilot Sports, mounted and balanced $4295.00 Call to Order
Set of 20 Chrome Lug Nuts $40.00 Call to Order
Prices, availability, and specifications are subject to change. Prices do NOT include shipping.
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