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DuMans Corvette

The DuMans Corvette is a rolling masterpiece of performance, technology, and style.

Awards: The DuMans Corvette took home both the "BEST C5 CORVETTE" and the "BEST CORVETTE OF SHOW" at the Super Chevy Show at Firebird International Raceway (March 22-24, 2002). This is the first time a C5 Corvette has ever won "BEST CORVETTE OF SHOW" in the Super Chevy Series.

DuMans C5 Corvette, ( Standard Package )
Polished Stainless GHL Motor sport Exhaust System with Mecham 7.5" Power Oval Chromed Aluminum Tips
K&N FilterCharger Air Filter. F1PK Tuned Inlet for Increase Power and Extended Filter Life.
Mecham DuMans Hood with 4 Rows of functional extractor vents providing improved cooling, aerodynamic down force and aggressive looks.
Mecham DuMans Rear Wing. A true functional air foil providing outstanding stability and superb appearance.
Mecham Designed Weld EVO Forged wheels in Lustrous Chrome. 18 x 9.5 front with 18 x 10.5 Rear.
Michelin Pilot Sport Ultra Performance Tires ( 275/35ZR18 front, 295/35ZR18 rear )
"DuMans" domed badges on both front fenders and rear facia to identify your numbered series wonder for what it is.
Mecham Red, White and Blue Pinwheel Logos adorn each front fender and rear facia as well.

Each DuMans is set apart by it's series production number on the rear facia just above the DuMans and Mecham logo.

The Production number also appears on the domed Dash Plaque that adheres to the Dash just in front of the passenger.
Painted sport Stripes adorn hood and deck lid with a wrap over the edge of the rear facia to complete the appearance of the DuMans Corvette
DuMans C5 Corvette, ( Standard Package ) Parts and Installation $9.999.12 Call to Order
Prices, availability, and specifications are subject to change. Prices do NOT include shipping.
Appearance OPTIONS, ( DuMans C5 Corvette )
Brushed Dash & Console Trim. Molded in Bright Silver $758.00 Add to Standard Package
Rich Triple Color Leather Seat Upgrade with Mecham and DuMans Logos in Headrest $774.13 Add to Standard Package
Head & Cam Update: Increases Horsepower approximately 75/90 rear wheel Horsepower when used with headers. $5,847.84 Add to Standard Package
Twin Intercooled Blower System adds approximately 100 Horsepower $10,896.12 Add to Standard Package
Ceramic Coated Headers, Short Tube, Adds additional Horsepower and improves under hood appearance. $1,144.40 Add to Standard Package
Controls Optimization: Includes computer upgrade for all applications. Included with Blower system. $390.22 Add to Standard Package
Super Tourer Suspension: Includes Sport Spring. Lowering Adjustment, Bilstein Sport Shocks,. Alignment $1.549.93 Add to Standard Package
Super Duty Brake System: High Performance Slotted Rotos, Braided Steel Lines and HP Pads $951.67 Add to Standard Package
"Stoptech" Brake System: Includes 14" HP Rotors, 4-Piston Alloy calipers plus Super Duty System on R. $3,754.27 Add to Standard Package
Kinesis Modular Wheels. (Modular Wheels Required with "Stoptech" Brake System for caliper clearance) $1,977.14 Add to Standard Package
Centerforce Clutch: Recommended for High Performance applications $877.21 Add to Standard Package
Kirben of B&M Shifter, 6-Speed only. Highly recommended for short, quick throws and accurate shifts. $310.99 Add to Standard Package
Rear Wing Delete. If you'd prefer your DuMans without the wing we will refrain. (354.00) Add to Standard Package
Paint Stripes, Hood and Deck Delete. no credit no charge
Windshield Graphic Delete. no credit no charge
Prices, availability, and specifications are subject to change. Prices do NOT include shipping.
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