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DKM Design, Performance ( 1977-1980 )

Home of the "Macho T/A"

In 1977, Dennis and Kyle Mecham turned out a limited series of grand touring Trans Ams that they dubbed the "Macho T/A". These cars were sold through their father's Pontiac dealership and moved unhaltingly out the door.

Due to the success of their pilot year, DKM Design, Performance, Inc. was formed in 1978 and the program was expanded to over 200 cars which were made available to other Pontiac Dealers. Another 200+ cars were rolled out during the 1979 model year while the Pontiac 400 engine was still in vogue.

Due to the fuel constraints, Pontiac retired the 400 engine and used a a new turbocharged 301 engine in 1980. Although a package was worked out for this combination, few were sold due to the lack of performance and a general economic decline.

The "Macho Z" Camaro is Born

In preparation for the 1979 model year, a single 1978 Camaro was converted to a "Macho Z", the Chevy half of the F-body dynamic duo from DKM. In 1979 the "Macho Z" became a standard offering, but due to higher interest in the Pontiac line, fewer numbers were produced.

Arriving from Mt.Olympus, the L-82S Corvette

The TALON Super Tourer

The Z29R goes on the road in the GT1 series

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